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Website design, development and hosting

Hello and welcome to the Webtistry website. Through the following pages and links we hope to give you sufficient information to plan your new website or maybe a website upgrade. Hopefully some of you will choose us to assist in the project. If you require further information please message us via the Contact Us page and we will get back to you without any obligation.

Webtistry and DNN (CMS)

While we still (and always will) create most websites from scratch, if a customer needs to be able to edit the content of the site regularly, adding products to a store, listing special offers or any number of other reasons and maybe the customer needs to send newsletters to subscribers or upload files for others to download then some kind of Content Management System (CRM) is needed.

This does not mean that the finished website will look like other sites already out there. The layout and theme of every site is still designed and developed from a blank page but there is a mass of tried and tested modules backing it up. Of the many advantages the main 2 that appeal to most customers is the fact that a site can be completed a lot faster which means the final cost is a lot less.

Click her for more information on CMS and our preferred platform DNN, formerly DotNetNuke.

Website Design and Website Development

Webtistry offer professional and affordable web solutions to help grow any online presence, business or marketing strategy locally, nationally or internationally.

The role of web designer and web developer often overlap. Regularly the website designer may have to be involved in the website development to be able to complete the design or the website developer may have to have the website design modified to make the website work better, fast or smoother. For many websites the web design and web development may be carried out by the same technician.

As the National Broadband Network expands throughout Australia more people are using the internet to shop, plan leisure activities, find new places to visit and much, much more. Webtistry can work with you and help you to stay ahead of the crowd by designing and developing a superior website to meet your needs.

Webtistry specialise in designing, developing and optimising Industry Standard websites, using the latest coding methods to produce the best websites that will rank highly on the major Search Engines. Every stage of website development is carefully monitored and double checked resulting in a site that is a pleasure to use by your audience and is easily found by new searches.

Learn more about Webtistry's website design and website development Services

Search Engine Optimisation

There are a countless amount of factors that relate to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

All of these have to be considered at the design and development stages of the website.

  • A .com will not rank as high as a in an Australian search.
  • From the very beginning of a websites existence each pages name is chosen to be an accurate description of its contents. This can affect how the search engines rank the page.
  • The page title, description, keywords and many other Meta tags that most of the audience never even see effects how the search engines rank the page.
  • The contents of each page is as important to SEO as it is to the audience for many reason. For example pages with content copied from other sites will not rank as high as pages with original content.
  • Websites may look OK and work on mobile phones but websites with dedicated pages and less content for smaller screens will rank higher.

The following SEO is done after the website is launched by either the website owner, the website developer, a third party employed by the website owner or a combination of the three.

  • The contents of the main website pages should be reviewed regularly. Updated pages may be regarded as fresh plus the search engine companies DO change their algorithms. Content that helps the pages ratings may not do so in several weeks’ time.
  • If the producers of a high ranking website copy some of your websites contents it can push your sites rating down. This needs to be checked.
  • A high number of links to a website from other reputable sites will improve the rating of the site. Websites should be registered with local and nation directories.
  • Paying for links to your website from others usually has a negative effect. The search engines keep getting smarter.

Important! Search engine companies change their algorithms, they also publish in-depth information regarding search engine Optimisation. It is better to check the information first hand than it is to read out of date facts from third parties.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Web Services Pricing

Each and every website should be unique so website design and website development have different components and requirement for every project.

To calculate the cost of designing and developing a website plus any ongoing costs if maintenance and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are needed has to take into account many factors.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible Webtistry have created a page to estimate the costs of different projects.

Learn more about Webtistry website design, website development, website maintenance and SEO pricing


  • To be recognised as a producer of first class websites.


  • Keep up to date with the best software and development technologies.
  • Follow stringent quality control.
  • Forge personal and lasting relationships with local businesses and understand their vision so that we can produce a website that truly meets their requirements.


  • A deal is a Good deal when all parties are satisfied.
  • Never enter into a deal which is illegal, immoral or discriminates in any way.
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